Back into Shape New Year

Diet and reducing calorie intake is a better and more effective way to lose weight than exercising. Most people don’t have the time to exercise enough every day in order to lose weight without keeping their caloric intake in a deficit. If you continue to eat too much, you will have a very hard time losing weight even if you get to the gym every day.
First thing to success in your weight loss goals is to reduce your calorie intake. There are apps available now that allow you to track eating habits and manage your calorie intake. 
Secondly we would recommend finding time in your busy schedule to fit in at least 20 effective minutes of exercise a day. A mix or cardio and weight lifting, alongside your calorie intake will allow you to see results on your health journey.

During the festive season, even the most health conscious people can fall off the wagon. With the sole focus of the holidays being spending time with the family and friends, there will be food everywhere you turn, and lots of it! One cheat meal can turn into ten very quick during the holidays. Before you know it, you have months of work to put back in to getting back into shape.
If your New Years resolution is to start off the year about health and fitness, then we believe CBD oil can help you along the way.

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